Sunday September 4th

Triathlon in reduced format by PROAM TRAINING (maximum 60 places)

With the aim of practicing the transitions and resolving doubts about how to execute them.

Tuesday September 6th

Open water training by Sara Carmona by FINISHER (maximum 60 places)

Sunday September 18th

Multitransitions by PROAM TRAINING (maximum 60 places)

T2 transitions training (2 hours of cycling + 1 hour of running)

Tuesday September 20th

Nutrition and supplementation talk by Finisher and running training by Sara Carmona (maximum 60 places)

Saturday October 8th

Recognition of the Barcelona Triathlon circuit by PROAM TRAINING (maximum 60 places)

Free training plan

ProAm, a company specialized in professional sports training for amateur athletes, makes available to all people registered for the Barcelona Triathlon a free 8-week training plan revised and adapted to prepare for the test.

18 different training plans designed for beginners, amateurs and advanced athletes. The first begins next Monday, August 15.

Download the ProAm APP and discover the different training plans.


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