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In the following link you can formalize your registration.

On Wednesday 30 October or when 3,500 participants are reached among all modalities and distances.

The relay modality is only available in the Olympic and Sprint distances. The teams are formed by 2 or 3 components, in which each of its members performs a segment of the race. In the case of being 2 components in the relay team, one of them will have to do two segments, either swimming – running, swimming – cycling or cycling – running.

Each relay team will be provided with a swimming cap, a chip, a bib and three accreditation wristbands (one for each member).

The testimony is given by giving the chip from one component to another. From the start of the competition until crossing the finish line, the chip must be worn by the team member who is competing, always placed on the ankle.

The pick-up of the bib and the check in can be done by only one member of the team, as long as he/she shows the identification:

  • BIB NUMBER: photocopy of the ID card or an image on the phone of all the team members and proof that all are federated.
  • CHECK IN: show all identification material such as bike bib number, helmet bib number, swim cap, bib number, wristband and chip.

Access to the transition area or box will be indicated by a sign. During the competition only the member of the team that will make the next relay and located in the place where we will have his bike, will be able to be inside the boxes. It is not allowed to warm up inside this area.

There will be a classification for the category of mixed relay teams, another for female relay and another for male relay.

It consists of two participants making a single entry and competing individually in the race, but going together at all times. In this way they will have a correlative location in the transition area – box and will always be together. Each of them will have a bib, bracelet and an individual chip to be able to follow them throughout the race.

Yes, if you do not have a federative license in triathlon (licenses in other sports are not valid) you have to contract the day insurance provided by the organization in the registration process to have health coverage in case of accident and have to go to a hospital. If an athlete participates without a federative or day license, he/she will have to assume the hospital expenses himself/herself.

You can access the following link and modify your registration data easily.

No, the registration to the race is personal and non-transferable. There is an optional cancellation insurance that can be contracted during the registration process.


It is the fair open to all public, whether they are participants, spectators or general public. In the Tri Expo there will be exhibitors of the triathlon and sport sector and is where participants will have to pick up their material for the competition and their gift.

The organization will provide the following material:

  • Race bib
  • Identification bracelet
  • 2 stickers for the bicycle helmet (1 on the front and 1 on the left side)
  • A sticker for the seat post of the bicycle
  • A sticker for the backpack you wants to leave in the cloakroom (without the sticker you won’t be able to leave it)
  • Swimming cap
  • Safety pin (optional)
  • Chip
  • Free gift

Yes, he/she will have to show a photocopy of your ID card or passport or have a picture of it on the phone.

The chip will be given to you at the same time you pick up your race bib.

You will return the chip when you cross the finish line, where there will be volunteers who will take it from you. It is mandatory to return the chip, otherwise it will be charged.


It is the acce ss to the transition area – box of the participant with the material that you will exclusively use during the race, where the judges make a control to check that the material complies with the rules of the race.

It is recommended to do the Check In on Saturday (the day before) to avoid queues and last minute problems.

Only and exclusively the material that you will use during the race as the chip, swim cap, bib, bracelet, bike with the sticker, helmet with the sticker and clothing or material that you will use in each of the segments of the race. The rest of the material that you won’t use during the race must be left in the cloakroom in a backpack.

Yes, from Saturday at 10 am until Sunday when the Check Out is finished there will be security personnel.

You will be able to park in the streets outside the perimeter of the cycling circuit of the race.

Probably its use is optional, but it depends on the rules of the federation and the weather situation.

Yes, you can warm up on the Nova Mar Bella beach, located in the northern part of the Mar Bella beach, where the competition will take place.


You will find provisioning stations at the end of the swimming segment and in the running section. You will have water, isotonic drink and during the running race also glucose gels.

The slope in the cycling segment is practically null, it is a wide and fast course.

Yes, there will not be any vehicle foreign to the organization within the segments of the race.

For the Sprint and Olympic category, you can use road or mountain bikes, except bikes with aerobars, which are forbidden. For the Short category, the use of aerobars is allowed.

Yes, the rules allow it.

No, the rules do not allow any participant to be accompanied during the different segments.

In the following link you will find the information.

The organization will have vehicles available to pick up triathletes who withdraw or are out of the race. The organization will remove the race bib and it will be the participant’s option to use the vehicle to transport him/her to the finish area. In case of not using this service, it will be the participant’s own responsibility without protection of the organization or police forces.

Yes, 100 meters before the finish line there will be a Meeting Point for family members or companions who wish to cross the finish line together with the triathlete. It is mandatory for accompanying persons to leave the enclosure once they have crossed the finish line.

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