Relays & Pairs

The RELAY format consists of teams formed by 2 or 3 components, in which each of its members performs a segment of the race. In the case of 3 components, one of them will do the swimming segment, another one will do the cycling section and the third one will complete the running segment. In the case of being 2 components in the relay team, one of them will do one segment and the other will do two, their organization is free choice.

All the participants in a relay team may run together the last 100 meters of the race to cross the finish line.

The relay format is only available in the Olympic and Sprint distances.

The Relay format will have 3 categories, each with its own classification:

Women's relay teams

Men's relay teams

Mixed relay teams

The PAIRS format is made for all participants who want to face the challenge of completing a triathlon with a partner from the beginning to the end of the race. That is, the two people complete the race together, side by side, from swimming, cycling and finishing with the run to cross the finish line.

You have to register together, which will allow you to have a correlative bin and be together in the transition area.

The pairs format is available for all the distances of the Barcelona Triathlon (Olympic, Sprint and Super Sprint).

The Pairs format will have 3 categories each with its own classification:

Female pairs

Male pairs

Mixed pairs

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