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Your line of Health and sports nutrition products

Car rental, security and confort at your service

The best rated triathlon brand in the world

We ensure your wellbeing. Now, new Infinity Sport Insurance

Shop specialized in equipment for cycling, running, swimming and triathlon.

Racing swimsuits with last generation fabrics

Leading brand in navigation and GPS technology

Science-based sportswear for ordinary people doing not-so-ordinary things

Platform designed to improve motivation and sports performance

A line of health and nutrition products designed to improve your performance and your daily life, whatever it may be. Maintain your energy as always, from a scientific base that offers quality, safety and efficacy. Because there is no tiredness or fatigue that can get the better of you.

Vehicle rental. Safety and comfort within your reach. The reference company on the coast of the provinces of Castellón, Tarragona and Barcelona. If you are looking for a rental vehicle near the coast of Castellón, Tarragona or Barcelona, Davima is your reliable choice. It has a large fleet of vehicles, well maintained and of little age, which is fully adapted to your needs and without hidden costs.

Europe’s leading hotel chain

Sercotel Hotel Group is one of the Spanish chains of reference dedicated to hotel operations and international branding. The Sercotel Hotel Group portfolio has medium to medium-high quality properties in urban as well as holiday destinations with a balanced mix of clientele that includes business guests as well as holidaymakers.

We ensure your well-being since 1927. Now, new Infinity Sport insurance.


Immerse yourself in another universe

The authentic 0 km product

Sustainable provisioning

We promote social transformation

Motorcycle rental by the minute

Personalized nutritional planning

Technology and fitness company for cyclists, runners and enthusiasts

Coca-Cola was born in 1886 with a purpose that has guided them ever since: to refresh the world.

Capture your best smile

A model that integrates agricultural production, processing and marketing under the same objective: to contribute decisively to improving people’s nutrition and health.

Electro-stimulation and recovery at your disposal

Compex is a Swiss brand that has achieved, in just over twenty years, an unprecedented experience in the fields of rehabilitation, pain treatment and sports training. Electrostimulation, Compex’s flagship technology, has become over time an essential ally of health professionals and the most demanding sportsmen and women.

Professional massage line with plant-based active ingredients

Our mission is to offer you healthy, safe and quality water in your home.

Coca-Cola was born in 1886 with a purpose that has guided them ever since: to refresh the world.

The training system that allows you to train at home as if you were on the road.

Sharing for a better city. Find the most comfortable and sustainable way to move around Barcelona.

Consultants, Promoters and Asset Managers with more than 20 years of experience.

A clear objective of a family business: to provide the athlete with the best sock according to his discipline, providing comfort and performance.

Non-profit organization that was born in July 1992 with the desire to continue the volunteering movement that arose on the occasion of the Barcelona Olympic Games ’92.

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