FinisherPix becomes the official photography service of the Challenge Barcelona 2024

The brand reaches an agreement with the Challenge Family franchise to offer its services in all events on the calendar

Challenge Barcelona announces that FinisherPix will be the official photography service of the event, thanks to a recent agreement with the Challenge Family franchise. This agreement ensures that all competitions on the Challenge Family calendar will have FinisherPix as the official photography provider.

FinisherPix is a leading sports photography brand that has worked with some of the most prestigious events in the world. The company specializes in capturing high-quality action images that allow athletes to remember their achievements in the best way possible.

With FinisherPix, participants will be able to obtain their personal photos of the race, capturing unforgettable moments from the start to the finish line. To ensure good quality photos, triathletes are recommended to keep their bib number visible at all times.

This new service adds extra value to the participants’ experience, allowing them to relive and share their sporting achievements.

Personal photos of the race will be available shortly after the event on the FinisherPix website, at the following link: FinisherPix Challenge Barcelona 2024

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