ProAm offers a free training plan for the Challenge Barcelona Triathlon

30 training plans adapted for all levels and distances of the competition.

ProAm, a company specialized in professional sports training for amateur athletes, has announced its collaboration, once again, with the Challenge Barcelona Triathlon. In order to support the participants, ProAm makes available to all registered people a free 18-week training plan, reviewed and adapted specifically to prepare for this exciting sporting event.

The Challenge Barcelona Triathlon is an event expected by all sports fans. With its various distances and modes, including Olympic, Sprint, Super Sprint, Aquathlon and Junior Challenge, the competition offers a unique opportunity for athletes of all levels. That’s why ProAm has developed 30 different training plans, designed for beginners, amateurs and advanced athletes.

Each training plan is adapted to the characteristics and goals of the athlete, taking into account the distance of the race and their level of experience. Plans are divided by distance and level, offering options for all male and female competitors. Whether you’re a beginner looking to push yourself or a seasoned athlete looking to improve their performance, ProAm has the perfect plan for that person.

The first training will start during the last week of May 2023, giving the participants ample time to prepare properly. To access the training plans, you can download the ProAm APP or register through their official website. With this accessible and easy-to-use tool, athletes will be able to explore different training plans and choose the one that best suits their needs and goals.

More information here.

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