Challenge Barcelona Triathlon presents the social project “Triathlon Without Borders”

An inclusive accompaniment for athletes with special needs

The Challenge Barcelona Triathlon has presented the social project “Triathlon Without Borders”, with the aim of including a group of athletes with special needs in this prestigious competition. This initiative seeks to guarantee that this group has the opportunity to participate on equal terms with other triathletes.

During a period of 4 months, this team of athletes with special needs will be accompanied to live a unique experience, while giving visibility to this group and the entity that makes it possible. This accompaniment will include an adapted training plan and face-to-face sessions that will be adjusted to the specific needs of the selected group.

The “Triathlon Without Borders” project is the result of collaboration between the ACELL Federation (Catalan Sports Federation for People with Intellectual Disabilities) and the la Caixa Foundation, which has enthusiastically financed this initiative.

With this action, the Challenge Barcelona Triathlon shows its commitment to inclusion and demonstrates that triathlon is a sport open to everyone, regardless of their abilities. This opportunity will not only allow athletes with special needs to overcome personal challenges, but will also promote awareness and respect for diversity in the world of sport.

The “Triathlon Without Borders” social project stands as an inspiring example of integration and improvement, which encourages other sporting events to follow this path towards total inclusion. The Challenge Barcelona Triathlon, together with its collaborators, show that triathlon is an opportunity to unite people and overcome limits, breaking boundaries for sport and equality.

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