Almost 2500 triathletes registered in the Challenge Barcelona Triathlon 50 days after the race

More than 30 professional athletes of various nationalities have confirmed their participation

With only 50 days to go until the exciting celebration of the Challenge Barcelona Triathlon, the expectation is rising with close to 2500 people registered to face the challenge in the vibrant Catalan city. Among those registered, more than 30 professional triathletes from different countries have confirmed their participation, promising a high-level international competition.

With a registration limit set at 3000 participants, the event is shaping up to become one of the most massive triathlons in all of Spain. The spectacular backdrop of Barcelona, a challenging course and a passionate community of triathletes create the perfect setting for an unforgettable sporting event.

The Challenge Barcelona Triathlon not only stands out for its appeal to professional athletes, but also for offering an exceptional opportunity to enthusiasts and amateurs who want to challenge their own limits. Sunday October 8th promises a day of intense competition, as well as a milestone in the history of Spanish sport, uniting athletes from all over the world in their shared passion for triathlon.

Below, you can see the provisional list of professional triathletes who will be on the starting line:


Frederic Funk 19 GER
Antonio Benito 32 ESP
David McNamee 36 UK
Jonathan Wayafee 94 BEL
Albert Moreno 136 ESP
Colin Szuch 142 USA
Ernest Mantell 177 USA
Thomas Vanhalst 213 BEL
Guillem Montiel 232 ESP
Guillem Rojas 248 ESP
Julen Diez 300 ESP
Roger Manyà 330 ESP
Iñaqui Baldellou 337 ESP
Simon Billeau 404 FRA
Cesc Artigues 415 ESP
Steven Rosinski 536 USA
Diego Mentrida 591 ESP
Tom Vander Hoogerstraete 618 BEL
Sebastian Fuchs 653 AUS
Oriol Gili 839 ESP
Jordi Garcia ESP
Ander Noain ESP
Jannik Schaufler GER
Juan David Prada COL
Nils Lorenz GER
Daniel Tolosa ESP


Emma Pallant 8 UK
Sara Perez 22 ESP
Margie Santimaria 51 ITA
Helene Alberdi 70 ESP
Justine Guerard 96 FRA
Shiva Leisner 155 DEN
Marta Sanchez 176 ESP
Steffie Le Benezic 284 ESP
Isabel Sterr GER
Marta Borbon ESP
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